Professional Services

The Office Planning Group, experts in analyzing, defining and delivering document management solutions, has expanded its expert consulting capability. With “Professional Services,” customers can partner with the Office Planning Group to develop a total solution to address their specific documentation management concerns. As a result of this approach, customers benefit from reduced costs and increased efficiency while significantly improving their business processes. Based on a combination of the Office Planning Group’s expert knowledge and full range of records management solutions, “Professional Services” includes a comprehensive range of offerings including the following:

Consulting: Providing customers with enterprise-wide solutions for managing their business-critical documents by integrating key product offerings to create customized solutions.

Conversion: Transforming a document from one medium to another. For example, paper to optical image format: sorting, validating and filing documents into a new system.

Imaging: Utilizing integrated technology to provide a variety of services including document preparation, scanning/indexing, de-preparation and post scanning implementation.

Moving: Managing the relocation process by providing system disassembly and reconfiguration support as well as transporting records and system deployment in the new location or facility.

Project Management: Overseeing the project from start to completion by managing pre-determined processes to meet the goals of the project, enabling customers to focus on their core-business.

With the onset of new technologies and processes available for today’s documentation management industry, we understand the importance of providing expert level service to our customers. By offering Professional Services, the Office Planning Group has uniquely established its value to our customers and the industry by integrating key product offerings that solve their problems and positively impact their businesses by saving the customer time, space and money.

The Office Planning Group’s Professional Services differ from any other form of consulting organization by not being limited to specific product and/or tactical offerings. The Office Planning Group delivers the breadth and depth of products and services to satisfy customer’s complex document storage and retrieval requirements.

clip_image002clip_image004 The Office Planning Group designs and builds efficient solutions that organize, control and find customers’ critical documents by leveraging their knowledge of paper-based systems into emerging technologies. With 28 years of experience in records management, The Office Planning Group serves customers in a variety of industries including Finance, Healthcare, Government, Legal and Insurance. The Office Planning Group has the expertise to analyze the way work flows through your organization and the experience to recommend the right filing and furniture systems to save you time, space and money.