Filing Solutions

The Office Planning Group designs and builds efficient solutions that organize, control and find customers’ critical documents by leveraging our knowledge of paper-based systems into emerging technologies. Whether your information is kept on paper or in electronic format on your computer, or in inactive storage on-site or in a commercial Records Center, it must be managed from cradle to grave- the time it is created (“cradle”) through it’s active life cycle, to the point of final disposition (” grave”).

How does document imaging work, and what documents are candidates to be imaged? What is barcode tracking all about, and how does it impact our productivity? How do we plan for and implement new technologies such as these? The Office Planning Group can help you evaluate your options and develop an implementation  plan to assure you of the desired result. Our goal is to develop the solution that allows you to have:

  • the right information
  • to the right people
  • in the right format
  • in the shortest amount of time possible and
  • at the lowest possible cost

With 28 years of experience in records management, The Office Planning Group serves customers in a variety of industries including Finance, Healthcare, Government, Legal and Insurance. The Office Planning Group has the expertise to analyze the way work flows through your organization and the experience to recommend the right filing and furniture systems to save you time, space and money.