Pressboard Folders

pressboard10These heavyweight folders are our most durable and longest lasting offering. Designed for files containing larger documents, pressboard folders can expand to handle the bulk of documents you need. Pressboard folders are ideal for files with longer active lives or heavy activity. Pressboard stock comes in a variety of colors and is available in 3 types, allowing you to choose from the quality of a Type I pressboard to the economy of a Type III pressboard.

classification8Pressboard classification folders allow information to be separated into as many as 6 categories within each file folder. They are ideal for documents such as personnel files, case files, contracts, financial reports, permanent files, case histories, etc.- any sort of documentation that requires, or might benefit from, such categorization.

For documents that are frequently accessed or are in rigorous environments, consider pressboard folders. For more moderate usage and environmental conditions, manila or color folders work great!