Color Coding

Color plays an important part in quickly identifying, classifying and recognizing objects. Do we need to ask you the colors of a traffic light? Or a can of Coke? Or Pepsi? We don’t need to read the words on these items; we know them by the color image they represent in our mind. In this same sense, filing systems are an ideal application to add color. That’s why we’ve made the use of color the basis behind our filing systems. When we color-code the digits of a number, or the letters of a name in a file system, we observe that groups of colors are faster to “read” than groups of ordinary letters and numbers. Files in sequence create blocks of color, making them easy to scan. The color blocks immediately lead your eye to a concentrated search area.

Research shows that our unique color-coding system actually improves productivity by up to 40%, helping you eliminate costly and time-consuming misfiles. We can even design a colored system that will reduce searching for “out of file” folders by 90%!!