Filing Supplies

The Office Planning Group has provided complete environments for office workers in the Tri-Cities, Tennessee/Virginia for many years.  Representing over 400 manufacturers and offering a full range of services, our approach concentrates on the unique needs of your organization. Our account managers will meet at your site to review your requirements and focus on your goals and objectives. Our team will work within your budget to create the “best fit” office environment considering function, value and style.
Our goal is to meet the needs of our client in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and ergonomics. To that end we offer a full line of Modular Furniture, Systems Furniture, and Casegoods to meet client needs from the Boardroom to the Breakroom.

Modular furniture is one of today’s most popular forms of office furnishing. Most commonly found in open office environments and in hard-wall manager and executive offices, modular furniture pieces may be put together in a limitless number of productive configurations.

Durable, attractive, and simple to order, modular units can be customized for clerical, technical, knowledge-based or managerial tasks. Our full line of storage and accessory products creates a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing “platform for productivity” that addresses all ergonomic considerations. Custom sizes are easily fabricated and integrated for those “unique” situations where a standard size or shape does not meet a customer’s needs.

“Systems furniture” is usually a post and panel or panel to panel connection method with connectors called”stanchions”.  These square steel supports are slotted in one-inch increments to allow the placement of components and work surfaces anywhere along the vertical line.

Electrical and data communication lines are channeled through a raceway in the panel base or top channel or worksurface height “beltway” so that low voltage data lines are fully shielded and protected from electrical cables. Work surfaces are furnished with 2mm or 3mm edge banding or real wood trim with exclusive water fall front edges, and every work surface, storage component and fabric panel is shipped with all the color-coordinated hardware required for complete assembly.

Systems furniture is available with a complete line of design-compatible storage components, and in order to provide the ultimate in productivity at the work station level, OPG offers a full line of ergonomic accessory items that enhance personal comfort and create a compelling place to work.

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The Office Planning Group is not just about furniture, but about creating a “platform for personal productivity.”  Systems furniture is currently making life and work easier in government offices, insurance companies, semi-conductor manufacturing plants, software companies, automobile dealerships, advertising agencies, real estate offices, travel agencies, and a multitude of other work spaces.