Document Disposal Security


(1) Law & Order

Safeguarding the Personal, non-public information of your customers and employees is the Law…..

The Privacy Act
Graham, Leach, Bliley

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act

FTC Disposal Rule

State Laws

Every organization that uses “non-public, private information” is subject to one or more of the laws that regulate data security.

(2) Data Security Options

Shred your Secrets –

…a Mobile Shredding Service

…a Plant based Shredding Service

…numerous Office Shredders

…an in-house, high-capacity shredder

…a Combination of the above

Determine the most convenient, cost effective solution that meets your security, recycling and financial needs.

(3) Pros & Cons of a Mobile Shredding Service

No equipment to buy or maintain
Secure-if you watch it being done

Expensive – 15 – 40 cents per pound
Ambiguous – rates per hour encourage slow work – rates per bin often result in overpaying
Less secure than in-house shredding – liability remains with you

It makes sense only when:
Infrequent, high volume events such as annual file room purges. When you can consolidate the shredding of many people and you don’t have space or budget for a high capacity shredder.

(4) Pros and Cons Of Off Site Shredding Facility

No equipment to buy or maintain

Very un-secure – who does the shredding and where? – liability remains with you
Expensive – 15 to 25 cents per pound
Ambiguous – rates per hour encourage slow work – rules per bin often result in overpaying

It makes sense only when:
Medium volume – Lower security concerns – Unable to conveniently consolidate the shredding of many users

(5) Pros and Cons Of In-House Shredders

Wide variety of equipment options
Very immediate and secure

Unproductive use of employee time
Difficult to consolidate and recycle
Maintenance, repair and replacement of numerous shredders

It makes sense when:
Small overall volume of shredding
Very high security applications requiring immediate shredding
Not concerned with recycling

(6) Pros And Cons Of In-House High Capacity Shredders

Lowest overall cost of shredding
Very immediate and secure

Higher initial equipment cost
Need 220v, 3-phase power
Need appropriate space

It makes sense when:
You have a consistently high volume of shredding – You can consolidate the shredding of many users in a common location – You have the budget, space and power for a high capacity system – You can use a lower cost employee

(7) Cost Analysis

How do the Costs compare?

OFFICE SHREDDERS – &0.58 Per Pound

Costs are based on shredding 1000 lbs of paper. Mobile and plant based shredding service costs are based on mean averages including fuel surcharges, visit charges and actual shredding charge with one visit per week. Office shredder cost is based on 20 office shredders at a cost of $1500 each with shredder using one bag per day 20 days/month and a burdened labor rate of $20/hr or $40,000 per year. Industrial shredder charge is based on using a conveyor fed shredder with a practical capacity of 750 lbs/hr and a burdened labor rate of $12/hr.

(8) Reduction Of Costs

Consolidate the shredding of as many people as possible

Use a high capacity shredder that can shred a days worth of your consolidated shredding in a couple of hours or less

Utilize or hire a low-cost part-time employee to do the shredding

Use office shredders only in high security zones, otherwise use locked boxes.

Recycle! Many recyclers will pick up and pay for shredded and baled paper, creating a revenue stream.

Don’t skimp on your office shredder, most of the cost of shredding is your employees’ time, not the price of the shredder.

Use as few office shredders as reasonably possible

Don’t overdo the security level, buy the capacity and speed, not the smallest shred size

Buy Cross-cut, you’ll use 66% less shredder bags

Make sure your employees know that cross-cut shredders need to be oiled and run in reverse to clean out the cutting heads and make them last

The facts are there, buy the size shredder you need, save money, be secure and recycle!

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