amcase 1aCustom millwork is casework designed by other manufacturers to meet very custom applications. Once installed, it is a permanent solution, difficult to match at a later date and is considered to be a one-time application. It is generally used in instances which require a very customized look.
Amcase Modular Casework is casework that is fully utilized, consistently available whether it is a small or large project and is simple to procure. This solution affords the ability to reconfigure. It provides a solution that is high quality, environmentally friendly.
Okay lets compare custom millwork to Amcase Modular Casework item by item:

Amcase Modular is reconfigurable, Custom Millwork is not.
Amcase Modular is finished and sealed on all sides, Custom Millwork is rarely.
Amcase Modular is environmentally friendly, Custom Millwork is not.
Amcase Modular is reusable, Custom Millwork is not.
Amcase Modular has replaceable component parts, Custom Millwork does not.
Amcase Modular has a lifetime warranty, Custom Millwork has none.
Amcase Modular depreciation 7 years, Custom Millwork 29-39 years.
Let’s break this down to simple facts.

Amcase Modular:
If needs change you can reconfigure cabinets and bases to meet current and future needs.
If business closes or moves 95% of components are reusable.
If a base or cabinet is damaged it can be pulled out and replaced.
Modular has a lifetime warranty.
Because it is modular it is taxed as furniture and can be fully depreciated in 7 years.

Custom Millwork
It can be custom made to fit a current need and considered a one time solution.

I have listed the advantages of Amcase Modular vs. Custom Millwork and it seems obvious which should be the preferred product. The lifetime warranty alone would be reason enough but the tax savings realized by quicker depreciation and the many other pluses make it a no-brainer. I have enclosed a few case studies using Amcase products, more are available if needed.
amcase z amcase 1b amcase 2

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