High Density Storage For All

It is obvious to say that everything not currently being used or displayed in your office or business is being stored. Files that are used everyday in an office are stored nearby while others used less often are stored in a more remote area. In a retail business displayed merchandise is usually backed up by more of the same stored in a warehouse in the back of the business. Busy offices often decide to use high-density storage systems to increase the amount of ‘nearby file storage.’ These compacting mobile systems have been used for years in offices to reduce cost and to improve customer service in the healthcare industry. Less floor space means savings and more patient records and x-rays nearby means quicker access and even more savings!
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 This was great for hospitals and the medical industry but what about your business?
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The Office Planning Group now offers high-density storage for the Hospitality Industry! Shelving for the storage of linen and supplies is now available for compact spacesaving sytems saving space and money. Foodstock stored on mobile systems is modernizing foodservice in restaurants worldwide!
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The Office Planning Group now offers high-density storage for the Manufacturing and Retail Industries! From a kiosk selling watches in a local mall to a large bicycle retailer, mobile storage saves space and money. Storage systems are now manufactured to carry any number of specific products from guns to tires and these are easily mounted on a mobile compacting system. Space is money and saving space is green and both are good. www.opgtnva.com

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