Security’s Gaping Hole: USB Flash Drives

CPU LockerThe Pentagon last week conceded that a USB flash drive carried an attack program inside a classified U.S. military network. Could your company be next?

Every day, flash memory devices are connected to business networks, posing a threat for which few companies are prepared. The article in Information Week by Robert Lemos paints a scary picture of the latest threat to computer security!

The U.S. military recently underscored the problem in confirming that a 2008 attack on its systems originated with a flash drive plugged into a military computer located in the Middle East. The attack served as a wake-up call to the Pentagon.

Few companies have locked down their systems against devices that can be used to steal data or infect networks from behind the perimeter. Earlier this year, a variant of an attack program known as Stuxnet used USB and other methods to spread among power companies, stealing information on the configuration of their sensitive operational networks.

Did you know almost half of all U.S. Companies have been infected by a virus via a USB flash drive?

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