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Today’s economy demands that everyone get the most bang for their dollar. Layoffs and cutbacks are the main topics in boardrooms accross the country and many large projects are moved back until better times. However, some improvements and growth in businesses must take place regardless of, or even because of, the economy. Some business prosper in weak economies and others have to increase in size just to maintain their normal levels. Regardless of the reason driving businesses to make a large furniture purchase today, they are doing so with major concern for cost.
The furniture industry has met the demand for less expensive office systems without loss of quality and beauty. Mayline has a knockout line of imported office furniture titled Real Office that satisfies the desire for elegance with lower pricing. DMI is positioned for this market with several nice options that ooze beauty and style but also is imported and surprisingly less expensive.
You don’t have to wait until the economy improves with The Office Planning Group! Take a look at our imported lines of furniture and realize the savings that your business needs to continue to grow and prosper in lean times.

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