Big Time Winners at Neocon 2010!

SurfaceWorks is a leading innovator in tables, worksurfaces, chairs and desking for the office, hospitality and healthcare markets. Their cutting edge solutions include unusual base designs, impact resistant materials and endless material and color combinations.

Wing-it is one of the best new designs to hit our furniture industry in years. Its winged look is repeated in a multi-user design that is unique but user-friendly to the max. The Wing-it would fit in almost any environment from a training room to a design lab or a materials control department and even a emergency dispatch center. Its unique design lends it to many uses too numerous to mention here. But that is not the best of the Wing-it design, remember I said it was user-friendly? How many workstations do you know that can allow the user to kick back his/her chair and stand at work without stooping? The worksurface moves up and down allowing the user to stand periodically improving circulation to the lower extremities! Fantastic, it looks great and it makes you feel great, no wonder it is an award winner!

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